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A/C Repair

Why Is My AC Not Cooling

& Should You Be Concerned?

We all know the feeling, getting into our car after it’s been in the sun all day. Your seat feels like it’s a million degrees, you’re sweating profusely and you can barely catch your breath. All you’re waiting for is that cool AC to kick in and to your dreadful surprise, it’s not blowing cool air.

The reason that this is happening is because of a common AC issue that we see often. Most often, it is because you need a recharge which is typically caused by a leak. Another potential issue is that your AC compressor is failing to engage. Luckily for you, the NBS auto team is here to provide you with top quality AC repair in Edmonton.

What is AC recharge & how is it performed?

When your vehicle's AC doesn’t blow cool air or begins to lose power you should think about an AC recharge. Getting a recharge means adding refrigerant to your car’s AC system which allows the cool air to begin to flow again. By doing this you will wont have to endure the unbearable heat!

Although this is recommended, it is only a temporary fix. This will provide a short term fix but keep in mind that if your vehicle's AC system is in fact missing refrigerant, it is likely that there is a leak which means it’s time to take your car for an inspection and have it repaired by a certified mechanic.