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Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair Services

Common Electrical Issues in Vehicles

As we move more into the future, we can almost bank on the fact that you’ll run into some sort of electrical issue with your vehicle. Things like your battery, alternator and many other electrical components play a massive role in the basic functionalities of your vehicle and if they stop working, it can cause a variety of issues throughout your car. Almost every car on the road today requires electrical power in order to start. For example, the battery is what creates the spark that in turn ignites the fuel in your engine so it can turn over. Ever tried to start your car with a low battery and heard a clicking sound, and had your car fail to start? This is an indicator that there isn’t enough current flow to help your engine engage which means your battery needs replacing. Another sound to pay attention for is grinding as you attempt to start your car. Although the sounds may seem similar, a grinding noise is usually an indicator that you have a faulty starter. All leading back to the fact that your vehicle is experiencing faulty electrical connection.

Other Electrical problems you can experience are:

-Blown Fuses

-Bad alternator

-Bad battery cable

-Loose or dirty spark plugs

Luckily, since the electrical components throughout your vehicle play such a big role in your vehicle's health, it can be easier to spot than most other issues.

Car Stereo Installation in Edmonton

The NBS team has all the expertise needed in order to get you set up with a quality stereo whether that be new or used. We want you to want people in your car, jamming to high quality sounding music whenever you hit the road to visit someone or if you’re heading out on a long road trip.

Remote Start Installation

Here in Edmonton, our winter can get ridiculously cold. Take a stand against our freezing winter and let us help you get set up with a remote starter. With our fully trained remote start installation team, we’re here to make sure you never suffer the wrath of our chilling winters and get your car starting no matter how cold it may be.