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8 Common Engine Problems you Shouldn't Ignore

We’ve all been there, driving down the road and suddenly, the check engine light comes on. This can mean one of two things, it’s a false alarm, or you could potentially have minor or major lying within your engine.

The list below will provide you with some of the most common engine problems and the cause:

1. Your Car Won't Start

You turn your key, and to your surprise, your can doesn’t start. This can be due to a bad battery but on the other hand could potentially mean you might have bigger problems. If you’re turning your key and you hear a clicking noise but it wont crank, this is a battery related issue. If your vehicle has a fuel ignition problem, you’ll notice it will crank but won’t start.

2. Your Car Tends to Stall

The reason you might be experiencing stalling is directly related to your engine. This can be the result of a faulty fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, loose or dirty spark plugs. This can cause concern for you as a driver because you could find yourself in the middle of traffic when your car decides to stall creating a significant safety hazard for yourself and the people around you.

3. Smoke From your Engine

Simply put, this is something everyone can notice right away and can probably determine that it’s an issue. If you’re experiencing smoke from your hood, this is usually the case of your engine overheating.

There are a couple things that can cause this. Faulty wire casings, overheating liquids that include brake fluid and engine oil. A faulty coolant system can also be the cause.

4. Smoke From your Exhaust

Anytime type of smoke coming from your exhaust is never a good sign but believe it or not, different colored smoke can symbolize different problems. If you’re noticing a large amount of black smoke it could mean your engine is burning too much fuel, you have a clogged air filter, blocked manifold, your ignition timing could be off or you could have a damaged fuel pressure regulator.

On the other hand, white smoke could mean that you have damaged radiator/ coolant hoses, a cracked engine block which could be the result of very low temperatures, a blown head gasket or damaged cylinder heads.

5. Timing Belt

If your engine is running erratically or misfiring,  it could be because your timing belt needs replacing. If this problem has gone on unresolved, you could find yourself stranded when your timing belt breaks.

6. Knocking Noise From your Engine

It’s not hard to notice the sound of your engine knocking, especially when it hasn't been addressed. Engine knocking usually occurs when your fuel burns unevenly within your engine's cylinders.

7. Burning Oil

Have you ever been driving down the road and smell something burning. There's a good chance this has something to do with your oil. Common causes for this are a failed oil pump, moisture in your oil or that your engine is starving for oil.

8. Water in The Engine

One of the biggest indicators that moisture has managed to get into your engine is that instead of the brown color oil usually is, it looks lighter in color, almost a milky type of look. The outcome could leave you with bent piston rods causing many more internal issues.

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