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Synthetic vs Regular Engine Oil- What's best for you?

To fully understand the difference between Regular and Synthetic oil, let's talk about what each of them are to start off. Synthetic motor oil is man-made using chemical compounds. Regular oil is made from crude oil.

Almost all synthetic oil begins with refined crude oil that comes from deep underground. This is the same source where you’d get your regular oil from as well. Synthetic oil can also be made from using artificial compounds.

Although conventional motor oil will suffice for most engines, it doesn’t have the same capabilities as synthetic oils overall performance and long term protection. This is not to say that conventional oil won’t do the job, but it is never a bad idea to use synthetic if you want to most out of your vehicle. If you own a high performance vehicle, you'll often times be advised to stick with synthetic oil as well.

Here are some advantages to using synthetic oil that regular oil can’t guarantee:

  • cleaner engines
  • reliability in extreme or cold weather
  • Overall cleaner oil with hardly any impurities.
  • better fuel economy
  • less frequent oil changes needed
  • reduced engine drag
  • cleans the engine from sludge and other potential deposits.

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change

Oil changes, while seemingly a hassle for many car owners, are a crucial piece to your car's health. To put things into perspective, most experts will say that the standard oil change intervals will be somewhere between 3-4 months (or every 5,000 kilometers). This will ultimately depend on the make of your car, and the last time you had your oil changed.

This does not mean that you should start to panic if you’re over your change mileage. Most vehicles can always go a bit further than what is recommended.

A common misconception is that if you consistently change your oil under the recommended kilometers, your car will be in better health. This is false and won’t ultimately help your car’s condition or it's performance.

Although it does not harm your vehicle, it will harm your wallet. This will also depend on whether you’re using Synthetic or regular oil as well. Synthetic oil allows you to go longer periods of time without changing your oil while using regular oil will demand more frequent changes.